Feb 1, 2014

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Photo Shoot at Blanck Records in Hollywood Part Two ♥

**Part two of my super fun photo shoot at Blanck Records in Hollywood! 

**CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE MUSIC IN SWEDEN NEXT WEEK! Will definitely be posting videos and pictures of the journey so stay tuned! 

xox Michelle

Jan 21, 2014

A Fresh New Start

HAPPY 2014! With a new year comes a new attitude...that's here to stay. I'm ready to take on any challenge that comes my way in order to pursue my dreams of succeeding as a recording artist in today's music industry! Super excited about heading to Sweden in February to work with an award winning team to write some HITS! 
**I'll be using this blog to post all about my journey and the fun shenanigans on the way :p ** 

Part One - Photoshoot at Blanck Records ♥ in Hollywood!

Make up: MAC
Hair : DryBar
Photographer : Jon L Brody